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The Automotive Electronics market

C-MAC has a long history of servicing Automotive Powertrain, Body & Chassis electronic applications by providing engineering and manufacturing services from early stage concepts through the design and development phase to volume manufacturing for series production to global Automotive Tier-1 customers.  C-MAC prides itself in highly effective program management, planning and execution to meet our customer’s deadlines.

The worldwide Automotive electronics market is growing at a much faster rate than the automotive sector as a whole, with new electronic applications development across the major Automotive segments of :

                        Powertrain, Body & Chassis
                        Telematics & Infotainment
                        Comfort & Convenience

For example, applications supporting Powertrain electrification for improved energy efficiency are being rapidly introduced to the market. Opportunities exist in the development of new electric combustion engine supporting systems, in the fields of start-stop systems, regenerative braking and micro-, mild- and full hybrids.

With its extensive range of technologies, C-MAC is ideally placed to support the Tier-1 Automotive supply chain with robust, high reliability solutions for these demanding, end-product applications.

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